Sam Austen / Helen Carmel Benigson (Princess Belsize Dollar) / Grimes & Jones / Kirsty Jackman / James Hedges / Paul Kindersley / Hollie McArthur / Neil McNally / Lucie Red / Clare Simmonds

curated by Paul Kindersley


19 February – 13 March 2011
Fri-Sun 12-6pm

Late First Thursdays opening - Thurs 3 March - 6-9pm

I don't need a TV screen
I just stick the aerial into my skin
let the signal run through my veins
(TVOD, The Normal, 1978)


TVOD explores pop culture’s conquest over reality. We live on sets, with a cast of characters all playing roles. The information overload has permeated every aspect of our lives. Hierarchies have shifted. Celebrities are our best friends and confidantes. Pause, Rewind, Fast forward, we are in control.

The artists in the exhibition use the endless bombardment of televisual images and distil them into painting, collage and sculpture.

Artworks have become props from the complex narratives and fictions that inspired them. The intimate relationship that we have with the images on TV and the sense of ownership of the experience personalises the universal medium and filters it through the artists’ individual biographies and emotions. We no longer have endlessly cloned celebrities and stories, but the unique melding of fact and fiction, and personal and shared.

All the works are influenced by this overpowering digital state, but steer clear from merely becoming part of the fuzz, instead the works start when the screen is turned off examining the after effects and aftermath. The physicality of making an artwork from the flickering insubstantial and the pinning down of a non-existent moment becomes the medium. Confused memories and new possibilities, it is no longer important what is real and what is not, just how we utilize these memories and experiences.


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