The Field
 Gary O'Connor

2-31 May 2009
Fri-Sun, 12-6pm

'This all began with her. When I told her about the field she just laughed so I never mentioned it again. I remember picking up the telephone and hesitating, and Trish encouraging me. She said, "It's something you always wanted..."'
Gary O'Connor, The Field, 2008

The vast, flat and featureless Fens landscape is the backdrop to Gary O'Connor's first novella, The Field, a disquieting story of a man whose decision to take singing lessons brings him to question his perception of reality.

O'Connor's installation at Transition accompanies the novella, extending the text with visual, olfactory and auditory elements.


Gary O'Connor studied Fine Art at London Guildhall University and has an MA in Writing the Visual at Norwich School of Art and Design. Recent shows include 'A Line Has Two Sides', 161a Whitecross Street, London; 'E8', Transition Gallery, London; 'Q', CuratorSpace, London and 'Above and Below', Norwich Cathedral. O'Connor has contributed to a number of publications including 'The Alpine Adventures of Victor B', a collection of artists' fiction edited by Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly and published by Serpent's Tail.


The novella The Field is edited by Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly and published by Transition Editions.

It costs £8.50 and is available from Transition Gallery.
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