Tales of the Unexpected


Boudicca Collins / Amanda Doran,
Kathleen Thompson / Stuart Pearson Wright

2-24 November 2013

Preview: Friday 1 November 6-9pm

Gallery Open: Fri–Sun 12-6pm


Amanda Doran, Celebrity Hands

Eschewing the limited and oppositional categories of 'bad painting' or 'outsider art', Tales of the Unexpected nevertheless reflects an attitude to painting that deliberately sidesteps the standards of good taste to challenge the conventionally acceptable by engaging playful means, instinctive logic and/or unselfconscious excess.

Irreverent content, a disregard for accurate representation and rejection of conventional subjects result in intensely personal and liberated paintings that are potent with suggestion and unpredictable appeal.

Each bold piece hints at a back-story, often with sinister or wryly comedic undertones, that combine or antagonise to produce multiple twisted Tales of the Unexpected.


Kathleen Thompson, The Escapee

Kathleen Thompson

Born in London and studied Painting for 7 years at various art colleges. Her work is about things, people and places in the world. She is influenced by painting from the ancient past as well as the present. 'Anything visual, as well as things said or read that conjure visual excitement can be interesting to me for making paintings'.

Boudicca Collins, Tortoise Time (detail)


Boudicca Collins

Lives and works in London and studied at The Slade (BA, 2010).

Her inspirations are: London and the longing to escape it, planet Earth, view from Waterloo Bridge, car boot sales, looking for and finding treasure, taste and the lack of it, National Geographic, tropicalia, childhood, 1970s pet manuals, Horniman Museum.

Artists she is inspired by include: William Blake, James Rosenquist, Paula Rego, Henry Darger, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Laura Owens, Paul Delacroix, Frida Kahlo, Jeff Koons, Henri Rousseau and Raqib Shaw


Amanda Doran

Lives and works in Dublin. She describes her paintings as 'Neo-punk' - part Picasso, part Tim Burton, part pop culture. Her paintings seem especially concerned with taste and she often uses thick gooey paint. 'My style is bold, brash, expressive, gestural, colourful... At times it can be sickly, overwhelming, hypnotic but also sensitive and relational.'

Her early inspiration was her uncle, abstract painter Paul Doran. In 2012 she was shortlisted for Saatchi New Sensations and her work is in New Order: British Art Today which is at the Saatchi Gallery until 1 December 2013.


Stuart Pearson Wright

'Stuart Pearson Wright’s work is masterly and contemporary, as well as slightly unnerving and surreal' Sarah Howgate, contemporary curator, National Portrait Gallery, London.

Stuart Pearson Wright graduated with a BA from The Slade in 1999 and lives and works in East London. He is interested in the theatre, and the concept of artifice and refers to his own paintings as 'pseudo portraits' presenting as they do a subject's 'inner state' rather than just an accurate record of their outward appearance.

His solo show Love and Death is at Riflemaker, London until 16 November 2013.


Stuart Pearson Wright, Debbie and Paula & Living in Legoland



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