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Michael O'Mahony

17 July – 8 Aug 2010 (extended till 5 Sep)

ShopSpace presents a selection of Michael O'Mahony's apocalyptic tape collection.

'These tapes are premised on the idea of me being the sole survivor of an apocalypse. I imagine in this event I would take up the reins of the music industry and these are the albums I would make for myself.

I began speculating as to what concerns would inspire my future self. A prominent theme is my bachelor status. I begin by dedicating albums to imaginary women and mulling over the single life. As a consolation for the isolation, however, I do get the chance to take centre stage as pop star/chief graphic designer.'

This is an extract from a text that appears in Garageland 10: The Future

Michael O'Mahony graduated from Central St Martins, BA Fine Art in 2007. His most recent solo show 2020 was at Utrophia Project Space: The Ice Cream Factory, London SE8. He has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010, work from which is being shown at The Jerwood Space, London SE1, 29 Sep - 7 Nov 2010.