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Marianne Morild

22 May – 13 June 2010

Marianne Morild’s paintings define a place or territory where events can unfold. Our understanding of the forest is many-faceted; from a romantic meeting place to a zone for industrial exploitation or home to dark things; an area of peace and quiet or the site for budding growth and deep psychological urges.

Questioning the straightforwardness of these ideas, Morild reconciles, within her paintings, both the seductiveness of these regions as well as their treacherous nature. Her imaginary spaces, built up through an image library of personal and found photographs, drawings and collages are rendered in loose, seductive, brush marks, inviting the viewer into a seemingly familiar world, but where an unnamed, brooding tension is palpable.

Morild graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2003 and was shortlisted for The Rolex Mentor and Protegee Award the same year. Group exhibitions include Awaiting Entrance... at Mme Lillies Gallery 2008, Jealous Editions at Jealous Gallery 2009 and The Threadneedle Exhibition 2009. Her latest group exhibition Pistols & Pollinators, 2010, involved collaboration with the poet Jacqueline Saphra.

Nabroad Magazine (Norwegian Artists Abroad) will feature Morild in their launch issue in August 2010.

All paintings are oil on wood.