Transition ShopSpace    

Hayley Farrington

2-25 October 2009

Hayley Farrington works with images of herself. These are drawn on a large scale, often with an uncomfortable perspective and posture.  

In the work shown here, she draws inspiration from the domestic, picturesque French eighteenth Century wallpaper, Toile de Jouy. The traditional wallpaper inhabits a lonely place for her, in which well-behaved ladies sit alone next to grand trees, or coolly glance away from equally disinterested decorative men. She finds the wallpaper to have a sense of loneliness and an inherent frustration in the restrained etiquette of its pastoral vignettes.

In the frustration and the pull between the well-behaved and the wilderness of the surrounding countryside, she finds an irresistible tension.   It is in that area of tension that she creates pieces of furniture, wallpaper and ceramics which allow both the wilderness and herself to creep in. She touches upon a place where she is alone. The place is a bit windswept and frustrating, but at the same time, somewhere where she can indulge in her moment.


Hayley Farrinton's work is being shown at Transition ShopSpace alongside Carlos Noronha Feio's A A and Away in Transition's main space.