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Charlie Day
13 Jun - 5 Jul 2009

Charlie Day's practice revolves around memory, melancholia and music. The skewed perspectives and the materiality of the paint, reference process painting juxtaposed with direct figuration. The 'aggressively slack' (Martin Herbert, Time Out) paintings come from a life shaped through the sights and sounds of 1970s and 80s Britain and the uneasy melancholy of his journey through a life of mental illness. Day is interested in the multiplicity of mark making and the surreal situations in which the paintings find themselves. His memories of childhood and heros include Morrissey, Tommy Cooper, Ian Dury, Shelagh Delaney, Morcombe and Wise, John Lennon, Peter Blake, Max Wall, David Bowie, David Hockney, The Two Ronnies, Derek Jarman, Michael Caine, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and the rest.