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17 - 25 June 2016

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Europa features a plethora of European themed works by a diverse group of artists.

Some of the Europa editions are available to purchase online...


Bridgette Ashton

Gingerbread Caprice Views of Europe
Viewmaster and reel of 3D photos


I Dream of Europe


Siobhan Belingy

Little Horn


Luci Eyers

Wrong Frequency & Undercurrent
cast figures
various prices




Europa 2016
Tranzine #006

Kirsty Harris



Em Lockren

Teeth of the Referendum
watercolour painting badges

Cathy Lomax

Europa '51


Charlotte Squire

3-Way Switch
plaster cast bakelite switches
£20 (£50 for 3)

Helen Stratford and Lawrence Bradby

Migration Paths Accompanying Items


Katherine Tulloh & Tim Barnes

Euro Lovers

sticker sheet

Garageland 9: Migration

Humming Birds, Irit Rogoff, Islands, Road Trips, Gypsies, Hew Locke, Nomadic Architecture, Andy Holden, Joey Ryken, Starlings, Otolith Group, Monarch Butterflies, Communist Cinema, Family Histories and much more