Gary Colclough, Anne Eggebert, Joel Tomlin, Paul Kindersley,
Freya Douglas-Morris, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma, Katherine Tulloh


Cathy Lomax

Cathy Lomax's work is rooted in the romance of popular culture. Her seductive story-telling process assimilates media fictions and mythologies of fame and juxtaposes them with personal identity, secrets and the everyday. Photographs are often the source of her imagery and are reconfigured to chart a curious contemporary longing for something unobtainable.

Lomax's Sehnsucht work - Heart Throb (Romeo, Valentino, Young Worther, Shelley, Elvis, Valentine Xavier, Edward C, Heathcliff, Jim Stark, Byron) features ten paintings of brooding young men all made from the same image.



Sehnsucht is a Transition Gallery production for JT Project 09
at James Taylor Gallery, Collent Street, London E9 6SQ

14 October - 1 November 2009
Private View: Friday 16 October 6-10pm
JT Project 09 is open Monday to Sunday 12-6pm
(closed Mon 26 and Tues 27 October)


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