Real Dolls

Kirsty Buchanan, Grace Morgan Pardo, Sylvia Reis

22 May – 13 June 2010

Private View: Fri 21 May 6-9pm
Gallery open: Fri-Sun 12-6pm

Kirsty Buchanan, Don’t be frightened neither of you is made of glass

One day a young girl found a copy of The Joy of Sex, and out of generosity and curiosity she copied the images to share with her friends at school. Her mother found these copies, and the young girl learnt the meaning of shame.

Everyone seems to have their own story of discovering sexual material for the first time and the accompanying mixed emotions.  Building on these formative experiences Kirsty Buchanan, Grace Morgan Pardo and Silvia Reis have come together to present to you a garden of delights - their own version of the pornography laden undergrowth of the public park - a sinue of the adolescent unconscious. Within this horticultural heaven they explore how modern ladies and gentlemen sculpt, beautify, contain, preen and trim the flora and fauna of their physicality and persona. 

Drawing from classic and contemporary feminist philosophers, these artists wish to extend this investigation, using the garden, literally and playfully, as a metaphor to demystify ideas around the formation of ones sexual imagination.