Pulp Fictions

3 - 25 September 2011     
Gallery Open: Fri–Sun 12-6pm

Phillip Allen
Kirsty Buchanan
Lindsey Bull
Ruby Cedar
Jake Clark
Gary Colclough
Annabel Dover
Tracey Eastham
Jeremy Evans
Stephen Harwood
Sam Knowles
Laura Lancaster
Hayley Lock
Cathy Lomax
Alex Michon
Alex Gene Morrison
Kathryn Newman
Gary O'Connor
Alex Pearl
Rachel Potts
Emma Puntis
Matt Rowe
Robert Rush
Alli Sharma
Corinna Spencer
Emma Talbot
Mimei Thompson 
Virginia Verran 
Jessica Voorsanger
Mary West
Mark Wheatley
Teresa Whitfield

 Mark Wheatley

Paper is the most immediate of materials, boasting a free, unstuffy quality in contrast to its grown up cousins, canvas and panel. Although sometimes regarded as low-rent and relegated to sketching out ideas, paper is rapidly being taken up by contemporary artists as an experimental and important medium in its own right. 

The multifarious paper work on show in Pulp Fictions, whether painting, collage or drawing is testament to the medium's versatility. Paper soaks up watercolour, pastel and oil, supports charcoal and lead, lends itself to collage and cut-outs and generally opens out entire vistas of temporal and visceral landscapes.

Blurring distinctions between the real and the imaginary, the work in Pulp Fictions dips into inky melancholia, indulges in historical re-imaginings, tackles conceptual puzzles, and plays out neo models of abstraction and expressionism. Above all these Pulp Fictions delight in the pure pleasure of making.


Photo: Corinna Spencer

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