Puce Moment

Carla Busuttil / Paul Housley / Cathy Lomax / Alli Sharma



17 July – 8 August 2010

Private View: Fri 16 July 6-9pm
Gallery open: Fri-Sun 12-6pm

Puce Moment takes it’s title from the 1949 short film by Kenneth Anger in which 1920s starlet, Yvonne Marquis, idly browses through her vibrantly coloured wardrobe. This recreation of Hollywood silent era decadence in luscious colour is hard to place, its shaky, hand-held camera work giving it a personal yet curiously contemporary edge.

The exhibition Puce Moment features four painters who revel in glorious vulgarity. Whether through attitude, subject matter, or the style and appearance of their paintings, the artists harness crude attributes to boldly transform and subvert their subjects into visually emphatic, painterly moments.