The Painting Room
12 January - 10 February 2008
Private View Friday 11 January 6-9pm


Marenka Gabeler

Untitled (behind Goya’s self-portrait), 2007, oil on canvas, 50x40cm


"My work deals with a kind of theatre, an artificiality of appearance, and with identity. I work in different media, exploring subjects through performance, photography, video, drawing and painting. Like a method actor I undergo the subject matter. For two weeks I wore a white plaster cast of my face to experience what it is like not to have any facial expressions. And to see how this affects interaction. In a re-enactment of a Goya-painting I covered myself with a white sheet, stumbling through the compartments of a train blinded.

Paintings are like creatures or characters with their own life. Sometimes they demand their own surrounding/ living space, which I then create around them. The site-specific work I make has to do with mixing the past and present into absurd realities"