60 Ravenscourt Road, London W6 0UG


Kirsty Buchanan, Rachael Haines, Sigrid Holmwood,
Cathy Lomax, Jeff McMillan, Alli Sharma, Charlotte Squire

18 June – 17 July 2011


Kirsty Buchanan


Kirsty Buchanan's film O Death, Rock Asleep is an exploration into trivial moments and the macabre details in the tales of four different Tudor Queens, each of whom met a violent end.



Kirsty Buchanan's work utilises a jaunty aesthetic and a consideration for the thrill of homemade videos to sympathetically contemplate the reality (and legend) of each character’s tragic situation. Simultaneously encountering the human fascination with death and obsessive re-telling of stories.



The starting point for O Death, Rock Asleep was Buchanan's series of Headless Queen zines which are available at Mock Tudor and the Transition shop and online.




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