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Kirsty Buchanan, Rachael Haines, Sigrid Holmwood,
Cathy Lomax, Jeff McMillan, Alli Sharma, Charlotte Squire

18 June – 17 July 2011


Cathy Lomax

Cathy Lomax, Mock Tudor, 2011. Photography Corinna Spencer.


Cathy Lomax’s Holbein inspired head-shots mix characters from Tudor themed movies with renaissance portraits and contemporary fashion imagery.

The German born Hans Holbein is best known for his portraits of members of the court of Henry VIII. Holbein often painted multiple copies of portraits so that his subjects could distribute them to various interested parties. These portraits were then in turn copied and re-copied. A visit to any of the grand Tudor houses such as Hever Castle in Kent reveals numerous familiar paintings – in old guidebooks they are attributed to Holbein - now they are ‘after Holbein’.

Lomax's Mock Tudors are a continuation of this lineage; promiscuosly pushing the Tudor tag with copies of copies and even a few barely connected beauties. so a Tudorised Lily Cole hangs alongside remixed versions of Genevieve Bujold’s Anne of a Thousand Days, Holbein’s Anne of Cleeves and Leonardo's Lady with a Mink.

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