Cimetière des Chiens
by Alli Sharma

Transition's seventh Tranzine is Cimetière des Chiens by Alli Sharma.



'My girls were 8 and 11 years old when they begged me for a puppy and Stella, a slightly stuck-up Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was an instant hit. I had already calculated that my daughters would be in their 20s before they had to say goodbye to her, but even so, Stella’s death arrived far too soon and we were all heartbroken. My youngest daughter was living in Paris at the time and our sorrow led us to the pet cemetery. Opened in 1899, Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques is situated between the river and a bunch of ugly, busy roads on the mucky outskirts of the city. However, once inside the big iron gates, it is tranquil, mesmerisingly beautiful and shrouded in decaying grandeur. We spent the morning reading inscriptions of cherished pets on moss covered tombs and sculptures, soaking up the love that people share for animals. Cimetière des Chiens is a labour of love, dedicated to the memory of Stella and all the other pets and owners who have known the joy and pain of the human-animal bond.'

Alli Sharma, August 2019

Cimetière des Chiens by Alli Sharma

20 Pages, 143x203mm, laser print, numbered edition of 50

© 2019 Transition Gallery, Alli Sharma
ISBN 978-0-9568814-6-5
design: chicken www.herechickychicky.com

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