by Luci Eyers

Transition's sixth Tranzine is Europa 2016 by Luci Eyers, made to coincide with the Europa exhibition in Transition's ShopSpace which marks the EU Referendum in June 2016.


I started this series of paintings as a way of getting back in to the rhythm of painting after a couple of weeks away from my studio. They were meant to be a warm up exercise but, as happens sometimes with tangents, they grew a life of their own. I had spent the weeks off looking; including trips to the Prado and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Never far from the front of my mind was the state of Europe: the impending EU referendum; antagonism between Northern and Mediterranean States; terrorism within; migrants seeking refuge; and a rise in polarised politics. Discussing these things within my family and friends. These paintings don’t literally represent any of this but they came, intuitively, with these thoughts constantly present. Mary Beard talks about Britannia being unfashionable because she is either seen as imperialistic, or if you look back far enough is shown being raped, "She who is victor was once victim; empires rise and fall; power comes and goes. Of course it’s exactly these ambivalences and mixed messages that make such old classical symbols so good…"[1] Europa seems to have had as many twists and turns in the way she has been historically represented. I hope to show her as powerful and determined and on the move but also tinged with melancholia and self-reflection. The tale of Europa is a terrible one of loss of innocence but this was a long time ago, she has more experience now.'

[1] Mary Beard, A Don’s Life: The rape of Britannia, Times Literary Supplement, Jan 30, 2008

Europa 2016 by Luci Eyers

16 Pages, 143x203mm, colour laser print, numbered edition of 100

© 2016 Transition Gallery, Luci Eyers
ISBN 978-0-9568814-5-8
design: chicken www.herechickychicky.com
photography: Alastair Levy

Price: £3
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