The Sixteen Most Beautiful Men (in profile)
by Cathy Lomax

Transition's fourth Tranzine is The Sixteen Most Beautiful Men (in profile) by Cathy Lomax.
It's launch coincides with the opening of the exhibition, Tainted Love, on 3 May 2012 at Transition...


'I’m gathering images of really handsome male film stars' faces from loads of different sources and ordering them according to the angle of their face. I'm interested in creating arbitrary groupings and orders. They are faces that, when you look at them, you’re just like wow, they look amazing, its extreme male beauty. Andy Warhol made a huge mural called The Thirteen Most Wanted Men. I have been very inspired by that. It was derived from the police’s most wanted list. Then he did his screen tests, which he showed in different combinations depending on who he wanted to flatter and called them The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys or Most Beautiful Women. I really love these. He filmed his beautiful young factory people in black and white with no sound. It was just about the close up. I think they’re amazing because you lose all the excess and cut to the chase. The images are triggers that take me back to the feelings I had when watching films that these 'beautiful men' starred in as well as stuff I have read about their real lives. They're obviously just normal people but they have this carefully constructed image and their job is making films where they become someone else and so they have this certain way which isn’t real and as we are watching them on screen, we know they are acting, but there is a slippage where the real and the unreal blur. So we can end up idolising the actor while actually thinking of the characters they play. Which is why when you actually meet your idols it can be quite upsetting.'
Cathy Lomax talking to Alli Sharma, 28 April 2012
(an extract from a conversation which appears in Arty 31: Tainted Love)



The Sixteen Most Beautiful Men (in profile) by Cathy Lomax

20 Pages, 143x203mm, colour laser print, numbered edition of 100

© 2012 Transition Gallery, Cathy Lomax
ISBN 978-0-9568814-1-0
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