The Territory Argent
by Katherine Tulloh

Transition's third Tranzine is The Territory Argent by Katherine Tulloh. It's launch coincides with the opening of her exhibition, Hermetickal, on 29 October 2010 at Transition...


‘The title for this Tranzine, The Territory Argent, is taken from an Emily Dickinson poem and I like the many meanings it produces. In the poem it refers to the sky at sunset, but it also makes me think of a country of signs, something ungoverned, being explored and the language of heraldry, where there is a strict code of symbols. I am interested in the power of signs with hidden meanings and their ability to resonate. The Territory Argent was made alongside my film and paintings for the exhibition Hermetickal. Together, they explore the dream diary of a Swedish mystic called Emmanuel Swedenborg and the hieroglyphic language of alchemical texts from the 1600's. Rich in strange images, the diary is enigmatic and poetic, exploring a landscape of the soul. Like fragments from a film, projected on an inner screen, his dreams have allegorical parallels with alchemical signs, producing a confusion of the scientific and the spiritual. I like the idea that there is a secret code within the universe, an unravelled story behind all things, even though I know it cannot be. At the centre of both Swedenborg and alchemy is the transforming power of love and I conflate the ecstatic visions of love within Swedenborg’s thoughts with the central mystery of alchemy, which I have represented as a swirling mass of circles, a bit like a mandala.’

Katherine Tulloh talking to Alli Sharma on 27 October 2010


The Territory Argent by Katherine Tulloh

16 Pages, 143x203mm, colour laser print, edition of 100

© 2010 Transition Gallery, Katherine Tulloh
ISBN 978-0-95489-548-8
design: chicken

Price: £3
Available from Transition Gallery or by mail order