Between the Shadow and the Soul
by Emma Talbot

Transition's second Tranzine is Between the Shadow and the Soul by Emma Talbot. It's launch coincides with the opening of her exhibition, Pictures From My Heart, on 23 April 2010 at Transition...


‘When I’m drawing I have no fixed plan of what I’m going to do, so it’s a really open way of working and it’s quick and continuous. I have a box of about seven watercolours and a particular matt black gouache. It's pretty basic. Some drawings are full and others are sparse. There are figurative drawings and text drawings and then there are meaningful motifs that recur in the work. The motifs provide a duality between something glamorous (reflective mirror, cut glass, diamonds or lace that could be a keepsake or embellishment) and something vulnerable to breakage and damage (for instance, the smashed mirrors or cracked pavements that superstitions can be based on). Within them, there is the idea that things can be lasting and/or broken. When Paul died, I realised there were some things I will never know, because when I lost him, I lost all of his thoughts and memories as well. That’s really what made me start to think about this. What we are is in our heads. What we know about the world, we carry around with us, and what we think is based on these notions or memories. And everything we do is driven by our way of thinking. The drawings are not all melancholic, though, there's a lot about love, personal memories, experience and thoughts.’

Emma Talbot talking to Alli Sharma at her studio in Walthamstow, E17 on 16 April 2010


Between the Shadow and the Soul by Emma Talbot

20 Pages, 143x203mm, colour laser print, edition of 100

© 2010 Transition Gallery, Emma Talbot
ISBN 978-0-95489-548-8
design: chicken

Price: £3