Rachel Cattle + Steve Richards

23 Jan – 21 Feb 2010

Steve Richards and Rachel Cattle’s latest film Cosmographia, takes its title from a 16th century encyclopaedic record of the known and imagined worlds by the cartographer Sebastian Munster.

Richards and Cattle’s Cosmographia is a journey through a maze of repeated and abstracted patterns and shapes exploring ideas of eternal recurrence and the hermetic/esoteric principle ‘as above, so below'. The film has a hand built and drawn aesthetic, an operatic soundtrack and uses motifs that occur throughout Kubrick’s The Shining. Other eclectic influences come from the likes of Buckminster Fuller, P.D. Ouspensky and the films of Kenneth Anger.

Zoe Mendelson has written a text to accompany the show. It is available from the gallery and will be on the Transition website at the end of the show.


A publication, Cosmographia, is the first of Transition’s new Tranzine series.
It is available in an edition of 100, price £3 from Transition or buy online here



Read an interview with Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards by Alli Sharma


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photo by Damian Griffiths