Transition Two


Loose Certainties

Jennifer Campbell and Paul Housley

Preview: 23 February 2018, 6-8.30pm
Show continues: 24 February – 25 March 2018

Opening hours: Friday-Sunday 12-6pm


Paul Housley, Berlin Radio


Transition Two is the latest incarnation of Transition Gallery at our new venue, 110a Lauriston Road, near Victoria Park, London E9. With a fresh focus, each exhibition at the gallery will feature two artists in dialogue, collaboration or opposition.

The first show features Jennifer Campbell and Paul Housley whose works share physical and material considerations that could draw a line straight to Cezanne’s sensations. It is less a question of creating a picture, copying an image or narrative examination, and more about ‘giving shape to your sensations’. Their often-cartoony works share a sense of something, the weight of a thing, a feeling with the power of rhythm. It is in this rhythm that Deleuze located the ‘logic of sensation’, which is neither cerebral nor rational.

A mutual attitude to materiality can be found in the repeated ‘working over’ by both artists. Housley paints over the same canvas many times in a process of continuous erasure and creation. Campbell too re-paints her works but also re-assembles and reuses parts that can inform and migrate from one piece to another. Loose ideas, questionable starts, chaos and doubt are thus transformed into works that communicate directly with solid, physical properties, definite thingliness, certainty and truth.


Jennifer Campbell, Getting Real