Transition Two


In the Belly of the Whale

Dale Adcock & Michael MacGarry

curated by Henry Hussey

23 February – 17 March 2019

Talk:Saturday 16 March 3-4pm
Henry Hussey in conversation with Dale Adcock

Gallery opening hours: Friday-Sunday 12-6pm


In the Belly of the Whale is a project curated by Henry Hussey that brings together artists Dale Adcock and Michael MacGarry. All three share an interest in the ancient and unconscious set in opposition to the present and conscious. These themes merge in the story of Jonah and the whale - an archetypal tale of a heroic descent into chaos and darkness and the consequential emergence back into consciousness and light.

As curator Henry Hussey notes 'at some point in life we all slip from the path and find ourselves in the belly of the whale, dwelling in the dark depths of our unconscious. Like Jonah we emerge with new wisdom, but the question of what we do while we are in the belly of the whale is worth meditating on.'

In the Belly of the Whale transcends Adcock and MacGarry’s individual practices and envisages a conversation that might be had on a dark night of the soul.


Dale Adcock

Dale Adcock is a London based artist known for his monumental paintings and smaller watercolour and ink drawings. His painting emerges out of a conscious and considered interest in religious, philosophical, historical and creative systems. His drawings however come from a more immediate, unconscious and spontaneous source. Titles for drawings are chosen in advance but the drawing is made without referring to this title, thus the conversation between the image and the title always feels serendipitous and never truly random.

Michael MacGarry is a multi media and film artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His interests include the colonial history of Africa, industrialisation and communication, and his work straddles the macro and the micro whilst balancing the political and the poetic. Recently he has moved from primarily working with filmmaking as a storytelling medium to creating sculptural works, which are a mixture of found objects, interrupted with newly fabricated components. By taking symbols of authority and militarisation he creates the feeling of a nation moving forward, but he asks, to what end and cost.

Michael MacGarry, As Above, So Below, 2018, video still

Read curator Henry Hussey's essay about the themes of the exhibition