Transition Two


PooR Life by dog people

Owen G Parry & Beth Emily Richards

Preview: Thursday 1 November 2018, 6.30-9pm
Show continues: 2-25 November 2018

Opening hours: Friday-Sunday 12-6pm


Owen G Parry                                          Beth Emily Richards


PooR Life by dog people is a joint exhibition of new work by Owen G Parry and Beth Emily Richards exploring a mutual fascination with participatory fandom, poor copies, and amateur-expertise.

Their interest in the confluence between avant-garde and mainstream culture finds curious expression through both solo and collaborative works comprising of sculpture, sound, drawing, and moving image.

The show’s title PooR Life looks beyond fandom as mere imitation or deprived repetition, to explore fannish desire, consumption, and production as a mode of possession and embodied experience <*random energy spikes*> that forms new minor languages and image worlds. We R all dog people now.


Owen G Parry is an artist and researcher working across expanded performance cultures on subjects including trash, biopolitics, fandoms, fascism and Yoko Ono. He initiated the Fan Riot project in 2015 exploring the heightened relationship between art and fandom since the internet, which includes a Fan Club series, publications, artworks and performances. He is currently a research fellow at IASH University of Edinburgh.

Beth Emily Richards is an artist, researcher, and producer. Her work investigates contemporary mythmaking, often exploring popular culture and its associated idiosyncratic subcultures. Frequently the work seeks to complicate narratives by re-performing them in ways that use absurdism and failure to undermine dominant histories. She is a funded doctoral student in the Theatre and Performance department at the University of Plymouth.

PooR Life by dog people is a a-n artist bursaries supported exhibition.