Sex Shop

Curated by Sarah Gillham, Jack Stokoe and Darren Nairn


28 Feb - 29 March 2015
Gallery Open: Friday - Sunday 12-6pm

Finissage & Garageland 18 (Sex) launch: Sunday 29 March, 4-6pm


Sex Shop part 2  

For Sex Shop, curators Sarah Gillham, Jack Stokoe and Darren Nairn invited 50 artists, designers and creative people to develop a prototype version of their own sex or fetish object. Playfully engaging with issues surrounding sex and desire the responses span a wide range of different media, from 3D maquettes, to 2D visualisation, time-based pieces, and references to panoply of sexual practices, fetishes and merchandise. They are by turns personal, provocative and usable.


    Peter Saville, Basic Knots                               Nick Fox, Lure
    (drawing by Paul Barnes)      


Sex Shop's first incarnation, in the south coast resort of Folkestone, played on ideas of the seaside town as a place of secret liaisons and dirty weekends, conducted against a scenic, yet simultaneously shabby and dilapidated backdrop. The ‘sex shop’ is of course a seaside staple, often selling genuine sex aids flanked by an assortment of humorous trinkets and throwaway paraphernalia. Sex Shop now tours to the very different surroundings of design conscious Hackney, a place where pleasure seeking is taken very seriously.


Marloes ten Bhomer, Annabelle, Barbra, Becky, Alexis, Krystle, Ellen, Olive, Eve and Kirsten, not stumbling, sliding, sinking falling or oblivious

Sex Shop will take place at Transition Gallery in two parts and will culminate in a special sex themed edition of Garageland which will be launched on 29 March.

Part 1 - 28 Feb - 14 March
Darren Nairn / Évelie Mouila / Jack Stokoe / Cathie Pilkington / Nick Fox / Keith Farquhar / Chris Rogers / Patrick Goddard / Phil Wilson-Perkin / Mike Nelson / John Walter / LEAK / Bronwen Buckeridge / Nick Land / Joey Holder / Susan Beattie & Yvonne Stone / Salvatore Arancio / Dave Maclean / Tamsin Clark / Richard Healy / Amy Stephens / Sh! / Suzanne Treister / Marloes ten Bhömer / David Rayson

Part 2 - 15 - 29 March
Liane Lang / Tessa Farmer / Keith Farquhar / Tom Gallant / Blue Curry / Alli Sharma / Jon Fawcett / Cathy Lomax / Tom Walker / Francis Richardson / Debbie Lawson / Catherine Morland / Benjamin Orlow / Sarah Gillham / Mindy Lee / Corinna Spencer / Mimei Thompson / Clare Mitten / Paul Hazelton / Jess Eaton / Freddie Robins / Robert Carey-Williams / Jorge de la Garza


Sarah Gillham, Because I Want You

Sex Shop was previously at
The Folkestone Fringe 2014

5 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1EY

30 August – 4 October 2014



Sang Bleu - Ellen Turner interviews curator Jack Stokoe
Sexual Services - Paul Carey Kent visits Sex Shop