Ursula Burke / Archie Franks / Daniele Genadry /
Mason Kimber / Annika Koops / Cathy Lomax


18 April – 17 May 2015
Preview 17 Apr 2015, 6-9pm

Gallery Open: Friday - Sunday 12-6pm


Archie Franks 

What endures when you return home after being away?

Six international artists, who were resident at the British School at Rome in 2014, reunite to consider how their time in the city has influenced their individual practices.

Rome’s ridiculously rich cultural heritage has made it a destination for artists since the days of the Grand Tour. The British School at Rome is one of a number of institutions run by various nation states throughout the city, that offer residencies to both artists and scholars. This wealth of coming and going artists in Rome creates a burden of expectation on newcomers; after all, following in the footsteps of Cy Twombly and Philip Guston is never an easy thing to do. The pressure to produce is balanced by the sheer luxury of being able to spend time exclusively on one’s own practice, disconnected from the day-to-day reality of the familiar. However the full impact of time spent in the Eternal City is hard to assess while bathed in its golden glow and it’s only after returning to the mundane everyday of home that the influence of being away can really be measured.


Mason Kimber                                      Cathy Lomax

Arty 34: Rome features Roman Remains artists Archie Franks, Annika Koops, Mason Kimber and Cathy Lomax alongside contributions from Emma Talbot, Andrew Mania and others. It is available from the Transition shop and online
Elsewhere produced to acompany the show at the same name in Varese, Italy. This part catalogue, part travel notebook looks at the how travelling inspires artwork and features Roman Remains artists Archie Franks and Cathy Lomax alongside Freya Douglas-Morris, Alli Sharma, Vera Portatadino, & Cesare Biritoni. Available from the Transition shop and online.
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