Oh! You Pretty Things


Cathy Lomax, Chalkware, 2017, oil on canvas, 130 x 170 cm

Sara Berman, Cathy Lomax, Paige Perkins, Alli Sharma

Arty 39 Oh! You Pretty Things launch
Saturday 30 September 2017


Four painters who find ways to work between the traditions, rituals and theories of modernism and post-modernism. By utilising the space between the nostalgic (sentimental) and cynical, their work is able to embrace both these positions simultaneously.

The exhibition comprises large scale works around themes of the sentimental object, the forgotten, overlooked and fetishized memory, exploring how painting can be a process for remembering and transformation.

Playing with scale, the paintings elevate common, small and somewhat mundane objects and reassert the personal to highlight the often belittled realms of the feminine, romantic and homely.  








Transition Gallery at
Sluice Biennial

131 Morning Lane
Hackney Central
London E9 6LH

30 September - 3 October 2017