Alice and Joe Woodhouse

2 - 24 Oct 2010

Finissage: Sun 24 Oct 3-6pm
Gallery open: Fri-Sun 12-6pm


Siblings Alice and Joe Woodhouse have an intriguing working strategy which is part artists dialogue and part a game of call and response.

Their work begins as a grid of blank paper onto which both of them in turn draw without conferring. After numerous edits and rearrangements the final result is achieved when both artists feel the work to be complete.


This secret sibling world throws up an intriguing pictorial vocabulary. Although the fleeting images may appear arbitrary, recurring themes emerge with variable personal and theoretical significance for the artists. Their collective images suggest post modern architectural references and virtual landscapes stripped back to their beginnings which they say are 'laced with anecdotes from a collapsed society. Grids emit drips, graves unravel and minimalist gestures turn into faulty structures.'

Alice and Joe Woodhouse’s recent shows include We Love New York, Broadway Gallery, New York; Can You Hear Me? Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts Trust, London; Crystal Cathedrals, The Erasmus Window, Shoreditch, London (2010); Storm, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2009); Harker Herald Billboard Project, Newcastle; Lux and Luxuria, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2008).