Mike Bartlett / Kirsty Buchanan / Ruth Collins
Cathy Lomax / Alex Michon / Eloise Rose / Alli Sharma

20 April - 12 May 2013

Gallery Open Fri-Sun 12-6pm


Kirsty Buchanan

Kirsty Buchanan My Arms are Missing You, 2013, Quicktime video (3 mins)

Kirsty Buchanan is interested in the power of representational tokens such as votive objects and mementos, and the unearthliness of being able to experience your own body from an external viewpoint, something that we take for granted with our familiarity with film and instant photography.

Kirsty Buchanan, 49 Reclining Nudes, 2013, watercolour on sized paper, 49 x (14x10cm)


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