Mike Bartlett / Kirsty Buchanan / Ruth Collins
Cathy Lomax / Alex Michon / Eloise Rose / Alli Sharma

20 April - 12 May 2013

Gallery Open Fri-Sun 12-6pm


Ruth Collins


Ruth Collins' installation Westbourne Road, takes the ambience of Ibsen's A Doll's House, 'an atmosphere of lies… that infects and poisons the whole life of a home', as the starting point for a series of works that uneasily reveal the details of a dolls house.

Collins says that, 'I am very interested in how playing with scale disturbs our perception of what we think we know is real. By taking something as insignificant as the wall paper and grossly distorting the scale it becomes something else, a forensic clue perhaps. The ambiguity of the blank print of a corner of the room asks us to question what is hidden, what cracks have been papered over, what lurks behind and most of all why this? What is worthy of examination here?

'The framed print is a peek into a nightmarish world. The choice to use a mount ungainly against balanced convention alludes to a crude naivety. Hope against hope that making something pretty will make it ok. But why are we locking the nightmare image into a frame to be viewed forever? It speaks of things forgiven but not forgotten.'


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