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Jackie Chettur, Ivor’s Chrysanthemums’ from Winter Garden, 2006-2013, video projection

Jackie Chettur

Chettur's long-term preoccupation with creating floral works has been sustained through an ongoing desire to explore pure form and colour, but also an enjoyment of playing with archetypal or even clichéd cultural forms. Her starting point is often the saturated colour plates found in old horticultural reference books. She was inspired to create a display of yellow wax flowers after reading the essay The Liberation of Colour by the painter Winifred Nicholson. Chettur incorporates an excerpt 'I set out to pick a yellow bunch to place as a lamp on my table' as the title for her work. Her film Ivor’s Chrysanthemums is from a previous work, Winter Garden, 2006, and documents the growing techniques and blooms of a few prize-winning flower growers in the South Wales valleys. Spending time with the growers, Chettur became aware of contradictions between the rigorous and often bizarre cultivation practices applied to achieve the size, form and colour of these prize-winning blooms; which seemed in opposition to the sentiment traditionally attached to flowers as romantic symbols of the natural world. There is some correlation between her synthetic representations and the forced hybrids that connects with those early colour plates, as templates for production.


Jackie Chettur, I set out to pick a yellow bunch to place as a lamp on my table, 2013, white modeling wax, wax colour pigment, silk, wire, copper jug



Jackie Chettur lives and works in Bedfordshire. She has MA Fine Art, University College Institute, Cardiff, 2004, and is currently studio artist at Wysing Art’s Centre near Cambridge. Recent exhibitions include: You must have seen Ethan Frome, Art, Language, Location, Cambrdige, 2013; Pilot Festival, Brightlingsea, 2013; there willb e words, G39 Gallery, Cardiff, 2013 and Still, Transition Gallery, 2012.




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