Transition Gallery at Sutton House
2 & 4 Homerton High Street, Hackney E9 6JQ


Annabel Dover, Lux, 2013, dressing table mirrors, cocktail glasses and cut out hothouse flowers, approx 30x15cm each

Annabel Dover

Dover borrows methodologies from Victorian craft, science and storytelling to explore personal relationships and hidden stories, mediated through the documentation of nature. She has revived cyanotype printing, a technique developed by Anna Atkins in 1850, when it became a craze for women of the era. Her Weed series is from plants collected in Emma Darwin’s garden at Down House, the Kent home of the naturalist Charles Darwin and his family. The species in Dover’s work border the path to Charles Darwin’s greenhouse, but unlike the other plants in the garden of Down House they were planted for beauty. Darwin was particularly interested in how weeds developed and survived, creating his own weed bed, which he dug into his otherwise pristine lawn. Dover's cyanotypes in Wintergarden can be found in Sutton House's Georgian Parlour and rather than Darwin's weeds they are of weeds collected from the garden of Lord Lucan.

Alongside the cynotypes in the Georgian Parlour are a series of other small works including Inkcaps and Angel's Bonnets, a heap of ceramic mushrooms. Throughout the rest of the house there is, Lux, an installation of hand mirrors and cut-out flowers in the Little Parlour and Phantasm a collaged orchid under a glass cloche in the Gallery.


Annabel Dover, Inkcaps and Angel’s Bonnets, 2013, porcelain
Annabel Dover, Holy Mountain, 2013, cut paper, glass dome, papier mâché, 36x20cm


Annabel Dover lives and works in Suffolk. She has MPhil Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art, London, 2012. Solo exhibitions include The Expression of the Emotions in Man & Animals, Darwin House, Downe, 2014; National Velvet, Transition Gallery, London 2011; Whistlejacket, Coexist and group exhibitions include One Minute Volumes VI & VII, touring curated by Kerry Baldry, 2013; Contemporary Art from IWM: Art in a Media Age, Imperial War Museum North, Manchester 2013.




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