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Alison Stolwood, Dark Green Fritillary on Wildlife Attracting Mix, 2011, photomontage, digital c-type print, edition of 5, 56x74cm


Alison Stolwood

Alison Stolwood is interested in the study of ecosystems, and the effects and connections within a habitat of plants and insects. Focussing on butterflies and their environmental needs, she constructed an artificial environment by growing a wildlife attracting mix of plants from seed in a greenhouse, and hand-raised Dark Green Fritillary butterflies from pupa, as a means to observe and study. 'Most British butterflies remain a cause for concern, with three quarters of our native species in decline. Four butterflies and over sixty moths became extinct last century. We aim to halt and reverse these declines. Our vision is of a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy. Butterflies are beautiful and intrinsically valuable. Together with moths, their sensitivity to environmental change makes them valuable indicators of the health of the countryside.' (Butterfly Conservation, UK) 


Alison Stolwood is based in Brighton.She has MA Photography, University of Brighton, 2011. Recent exhibitions include ING Discerning eye, Mall Galleries, London, 2013; the open west, Newark Park and Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Gloucestershire, 2013; The Woman, The Gaze, The World, Hanmi Gallery, London, 2013 and East Sussex Open, Towner, Eastbourne, 2013.




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