There and Everywhere

Liz Harrison

Left to right. Knitting the letter, 2009, looped DVD; Letter November 1940 Page 2, 2009, Wool;
Letter November 1940 Page 3
, 2009, wool and chair. Photos by Damian Griffiths.


Liz Harrison's installation, Letter, originates from the content of a letter written by her father describing his first hand experience and witnessing of the war-time bombings in Coventry on the night of 14 November 1940. The knitted text blankets re-form the narration and have been made for his great grandson, born in January 2009.

Harrison's practice spans a broad range of media, incorporating site-specific installation, lens-based projection, illusion and image. She is based in London and recently co-curated Concrete Dreams at APT, London (2008) and had a solo exhibition Perch at Five Years, London (2009).


Left to right. Letter November 1940 Page 1 (detail), 2009, Wool; Letter November 1940 Page 2, 2009, Wool. Photo by Damian Griffiths.