Alice Anderson / Kirsty Buchanan / Annabel Dover / Georgie Flood / Andrea Hannon / Paul Kindersley / Hayley Lock / Cathy Lomax /
Alli Sharma / Corinna Spencer / Mark Scott Wood / Jessica Voorsanger

4 - 27 May 2012



Paul Kindersley's work is situated in the spaces created between viewer and film. Exploring and blurring the boundaries between fantasy and reality, the personal and the public, suggesting a fluid involvement with mythologized film experience. Kindersley’s Tainted Love installation resembles a Google image search for that one desired photograph of the object of his affection. Playing with an individual, amateur interaction with constructed glamour, celebrity, icon and stereotype and creating an uneasy reversing of the fan/artist positions, so it is no longer clear or important where lines are drawn. A liminal place of borderline existence, anchored in a shared pop culture reality. Kindersley utilises everyday cultural encounters as a storehouse of props with which to populate a reality that is striving to make sense of the everyday.


Paul Kindersley studied at Chelsea College of Art and lives and works in London. Previous exhibitions include Everything - Jack SmithGroup Show, ICA, London; LONDON / BERLIN Anschlüssel, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin & London; TVOD, Transition Gallery, London.


Tainted Love is travelling to...
Meter Room,
Coventry, 8 June - 8 July 2012
Down Stairs at Great Brampton House, Herefordshire, 30 Sep - 18 Nov 2012

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