Alice Anderson / Kirsty Buchanan / Annabel Dover / Georgie Flood / Andrea Hannon / Paul Kindersley / Hayley Lock / Cathy Lomax /
Alli Sharma / Corinna Spencer / Mark Scott Wood / Jessica Voorsanger

4 - 27 May 2012



Kirsty Buchanan's work constructs quiet and fragile narratives in carefully composed environments incorporating drawing, film and performance. Linking each of these components is a connection to the notion of shame and the internalised gaze of society. For Tainted Love she has returned to the private rituals and absorbing moments of her teenage self, 'where you imagine what he's doing now, recreating imaginary and impossible scenarios, the physical makeup of his face, his cell structures, his strong arms'. She says that, 'a victim of desire has a soul which is in motion. The misery and thrill of wanting, the flux of unfulfilled desires is more significant than a state of having desire satisfied.'


Kirsty Buchanan studied at Central St Martin's College of Art and lives and works in London. Previous exhibitions include Strip, Transition Gallery at Sluice Art Fair, London; LONDON / BERLIN Anschlüssel, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin and London; One night stand, Thistle Hotel, Middlesbrough; Mock Tudor, Transition Gallery (offsite) London.


Tainted Love is travelling to...
Meter Room,
Coventry, 8 June - 8 July 2012
Down Stairs at Great Brampton House, Herefordshire, 30 Sep - 18 Nov 2012

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