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Ruth Calland  Sharon Gal  Esther Planas

February 12 – March 6 2005    Fri – Sun 1-6pm

Ruth Calland - Performance
3pm Sunday 20 February

Social Drawing Machine

The Social Drawing Machine taps into the Social Unconscious. Drawings are made spontaneously, produced by the wheel of people who have chosen to plug themselves in, constituting the machine. Each is connected to the word-maker, who writes spontaneously. The timer ticks, pencils and pens glide and squeak, the bell rings and the products of the machine are collected. The human cog revolves, the word-maker is replaced, the process continues. Soon the room is filled with drawings and writing, through which unconscious connections and threads may reveal themselves.

The construction and concept of the machine is based partly on Social Dreaming, in which people share their dreams and make associations to them, and partly on Japanese renga poetry, in which like 'The Exquisite Corpse' people take turns in order to produce vivid and strange material. Leaving aside the individual ego, there is liberation to explore whatever arises, and express in the moment whatever may surface. Long live the machine!