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'Feast is a series of 3 publications presenting contemporary visual art and film works that explore our relationship with food as a social event, a marker of identity, a product of history and a commodity for trade. The publication combines articles on contemporary arts practices with recipes, film histories and literary narratives in an eclectic mix that serves to explore, highlight and question the varies roles food holds within our everyday.' So says the intro to this good looking publication by its curator and writer Laura Mansfield, each issue of which comes in its own stripy paper bag.


Issue 1: Indulgence

Includes contributions from Lady Lucy, Jacob Cartwright, Laura Mansfield, Jenny Lawson and Cathy Lomax.





Issue 2: Digestion

Includes an excerpt from The Futurist Cookbook, a recipe for mapo tofu from Rania Ho and Wan Wi and an accompanying CD with Deena E Jacob's 37 min 33 Sec. Other contributors include are Swen Steinhauser, Megan Fizell, Elisa Oliver, Pete Harrison, Edwina Ashton and Caitriona Devery.





Issue 3: Waste

The third edition of FEAST looks at the excess produced through bodily consumption and draws particular attention to the areas of the body that voluntarily or involuntarily leak or excrete waste. Articles range from a concern with the use-value of waste - whether as the basis for crop evolution or as an ingredient for luxury coffee brands – to the contemplation of waste in relation to the vile, debase and dirty. Texts on the work of artists Paul McCarthy and Ron Athey reflect on the challenge they pose to our common affects of disgust with regards to our bodily functions, whilst David Steans’ narrative fiction The Bin Bag evokes a disgusting image of meaty waste. Throughout this eccelectic collection of contributions Alfred Jarry’s famous cry of Merdre echoes as a playful, mocking and subversive call that reevaluates our relationship to all that is disgusting, wasteful and shit.


available at Transition Gallery and online here