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17 - 25 June 2016

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Europa features a plethora of European themed works by a diverse group of artists.

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Siobhan Belingy

'My collage-based works re-perform allegorical and religious images. It relates to me being an non-indigenous person living in Europe and being allowed to have a say in democratic motions, far different from the past. I feature as I protagonist, a Miss Europe, longing to fit the mold. They also refer to ideas from my religious background that go against strong political alliances/forming kingdoms, as the prophetic consensus is that God will set up an everlasting kingdom and destroy Earthly kingdoms. The phrase "They shall not cleave", from the Biblical book of Daniel, echoes this and "Get out of the EU" plays on "Get out of Babylon", as mentioned in Revelation. For Europa I have made a zine.'

Little Horn, 2016,
printed zine, 30x21cm, edition of 59