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/ Garageland 9


Migration: An issue introduction by Cathy Lomax.

Notes: Indestructable starlings / persecuted gypsies by Delaine Le Bas / unfamiliar homelands / historic explorations / socialist cinema / borders and non-places / bird migration facts.

Real Gone: Rachel Potts looks at the cultural references spawned by the American road trip and takes us On the Road with Bonnie and Clyde, Richard Prince and a multitude of others.

Memories From The London Hospital: real life migration stories from an ex-nurse.
Web exclusive extended version here

Data Migration Systems: Joey Ryken and the Big Bad Glitch by Chloe Vaitsou.

Vilayet: A photo essay by Majed Aslam.

Open and Shut Case: Alex Michon sets out the new theories around migration.

It’s a Bin Thing: Director Harmony Korine on Trash Humpers, travelling and why he wants filming to be like making a painting.

Splendid Isolation: Islomania and the loneliness of the faraway island by Cathy Lomax

Garageland Portfolio: Michael Hammond’s photographs of the UK and Japan.

Mother Hen: Poignant family history by painter David Webb.

Terra Infirma: Cultural theorist Irit Rogoff on art, identitiy and geography.

Towards a Nomadic Architecture: Impermanent buildings by Francesca Wadia.

From Alphabet City to Prague: Musician and novelist Phil Shoenfelt talks to Jay Clifton. Followed by an exclusive extract from Shoenfelt’s new novel Stripped.

Film Club: District 9 by James Payne, In This World by Gareth Evans, and a list of migration film classics.

Who What Where:
Andy Holden
Insight: Carlos Noronha Feio
400 Women
Venice Biennale highlights by Joanne Shurvell
Inside Yinka Shonibara’s new studio: Words by Rachel Potts, pictures by Paul Murphy
Forward Motion: the best new shows with a migration focus
Four Eastend spaces: Fieldgate, James Taylor, Supplement and WilsonWilliams profiled by Alli Sharma

Final Word: Hamja Ahsan spills the beans on the advanced indiekid community