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art, culture and ideas

issue twelve: Fake



 Cover by Jeff McMillan



Wigs, British Blues, Retromania, Jamie Shovlin, Photorealism, Rome, Mock Tudor, The Arbor, Sigrid Holmwood, Method Acting, Bedwyr Williams, Cocteau, 3D, Dallas Seitz, Archives, Pluto Houses, Aid and Abet, Jeff McMillan, Philip K Dick and much more...

Fake is an emotive word in the art world. Artists may play around with ideas of authenticity, but fake implies something stronger, something that is simply not very good. The original theme for this issue was Pastiche, but we decided that this was a cop out - so the stronger, uncompromising Fake won the day. When we mentioned the theme to potential contributors there were some concerns expressed, but of course the issue is just as much about the opposite of Fake as it is about Fake itself.

So our Fake is the confused area where the inauthentic becomes authentic. From architectural tributes in the suburbs (Tudor Bastards) to Delta blues copyists in Kent (Between Dartford and the Delta), to the mise en scène recreations of art and film (Costuming angels) I like to think that our Fake is more affectionate than condemning.

Cathy Lomax


Garageland 12 Contents



Inteview with artist Lucy May

Interview with Prof Andrew Ballentyne and Dr Andrew Law about their book Tudoresque: In Pursuit of the Ideal Home





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