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art, culture and ideas

issue twelve: Fake







: edited by Kirsty Buchanan and Paul Kindersley


  6 Fake birthday bake Jenny Campbell
    Bloody Gore:
The top five (fake) bloodiest films
Sarah De Nardi
  7 The many faces of Mad Tom the messiah Grace Morgan Pardo
    Lying as a medium Sally Hogarth
  8 From periwigs to tumbleweaves Kirsty Buchanan
    Pictures from kitch that I brought with me - Bucarest, Romania Richard Whitby
  9 A tale of Hodgepodge Jareh Das
    The three Paul Kindersleys... but which one is real Paul Kindersley


Jeff McMillan, Perfect Arc

Tudor Bastards
The unruly descendants of the superstars of history
ONLINE EXCLUSIVES: Interview with artist Lucy May
Interview with Prof Andrew Ballentyne and Dr Andrew Law

Alli Sharma
  16 Between Dartford and the Delta
British blues, truth and authenticity
Cathy Lomax
  20 The theatricality of the moment
Crusties, coffee and cliches with Bedwyr Williams
Interviewed by
Annabel Dover
  22 A real good time
Glenn Brown, Wilhelm Sasnal, Rene Magritte, Werner Herzog, 3D and photorealism
Rachel Potts
  26 The L'eye of the amateur painter
Psychological depths in Patricia Highsmith's Mr Ripley
Eleanor Moreton
  30 Thoroughbred cross
Cover artist Jeff McMillan on new objects with mixed origins
Interviewed by
Alli Sharma
  36 Costuming angels
Jean Cocteau, Mike Nelson, Lyndsey Sears, Alex Prager and mise en scene.
Alex Michon
  40 Artful lies
Antiqurian dupedom
Phillip Allen
  43 Pluto Houses
wartime secrets on the south coast
Wendy Carrig
  44 Living archives
Arnold Dreyblatt, Christian Boltanski and the afterlife of the archive
David Houston Jones
  48 What difference does it make
The value of provenance in the writings of Philip K Dick
Georgina Talbot and Neil Usher
  34 Jamie Shovlin interviewed by Marianne Morild
  FILM CLUB : edited by James Payne

  50 Where reality really bites back
The inecapable truth of Clio Barnard's The Arbor
Faye Gordon
  52 Extreme acting: I could have been a contender
Deconstructing method acting
James Payne
  54 Meandering Mendacity
Hot air and fantasy in Terry Gilliam's
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Michael Ajerman
  56 Manufactured Museum
Falsification in the work of Dallas Seitz
Kathryn Newman
  58 Inside the artist's studio: Sigrid Holmwood Alli Sharma
  60 Copycat questions out of shared studio ideas Clare Mitten and
Mindy Lee
  61 Insight: Tudor
Rachael Haines is dreaming in black and white
Alli Sharma
  62 In the borderlands of language
Peter Suchin's exquisitely shabby paintings
Eleanor Moreton
  64 Previews: Genuine Illusion
Upcoming shows with a 'fake' feel
Alli Sharma
  66 Intimates: large and small
Aid & Abet and Dalla Rosa Gallery come under the spotlight
Corinna Spencer
  68 The end of the real fake CAP
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