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Garageland 11: Family



It's a Family Affair
Steve Lomax's bands of brothers (and sisters)

we couldn't fit the full lists in the magazine, so here they are in all their glory.


Brothers and Sisters in Bands






Dido and Rollo Armstrong

Yes, that Dido

Five Star

Denise, Doris, Lorraine, Stedman and Delroy Pearson

When appearing on the BBC Saturday morning children's programme Going Live a caller called them 'fucking crap'

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Steve and Cassie Gaines

Both killed in infamous plane crash in October 1977

No Doubt

Gwen and Eric Stefani

Eric originally played accordion with Gwen providing backing vocals

Sly and the Family Stone

Sly, Freddy and Rose Stone

Rose wore a platinum coloured wig and was known for her 'strong' vocals

The Carpenters

Karen and David Carpenter

Karen was the drummer, but you knew that

The Corrs

Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim Corr

Have been awarded honorary MBEs for their services to music

The Fiery Furnaces

Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger

Eleanor used to date Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand and is the subject of their song 'Eleanor put your boots on'

The Magic Numbers

Romeo and Michele Stodart

Two pairs of brother/sister in the same band. The Stodarts were born in Trinidad

The Magic Numbers

Sean and Angela Gannon

The Melody Makers

Ziggy, Stephen, Sharon and Cedella Marley

Bob Marley's kids. Lasted from 1985 to 2000. Not particularly successful


Family Bands






Maire, Ciaran, Eithne, Pol, Padraig and Noel O'Braonin

Padraig and Noel are the uncles. They started playing in their father Leo's tavern. Eithne is Enya

The Carter Family

AP, Sarah, Maybelle, Helen, Anita, June, Janette, Joe and Carlene Carter

At one time consisted of three generations of Carters

The Staple Singers

Roebuck, Cleotha, Pervis, Yvonne and Mavis Staples

Formed by Roebuck 'Pops' Staples and his daughters

Brothers in Bands (extract – there are loads more)






Malcolm and Angus Young

Australians, but Malcolm and Angus were born in Glasgow

Bay City Rollers

Alan and Derek Longmuir

Alan played bass, Derek drums

British Sea Power

Scott and Neil Wilkinson

Brighton-based Cumbrians famous for their eco-friendly songs and general oddness


Matt and Luke Goss

The 3rd member was Craig. Or Ken

Crowded House

Neil and Tim Finn

From New Zealand, also played together in Split Enz and the Finn Brothers


Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh

Two pairs of brothers in the same band


Gerald and Bob Casale

Dire Straits

Mark and Dave Knopfler

Easy-listening pub rockers from Newcastle, made it big in the 80's

Kings of Leon

Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill

Sons of an itinerant preacher in the deep south, the 4th member is their cousin Cameron


Mike, Brandon and Chad Kroeger

Worst mullets ever. Actually Canadian


Noel and Liam Gallagher

Ended in acrimony


Phil and Paul Hartnoll

Electronica duo from Sevenoaks

Psychedelic Furs

Tim and Richard Butler

Briefly trendy gruff voiced new wave act, did Pretty in Pink


Jonny and Colin Greenwood

Jonny is the one people remember

Right Said Fred

Richard and Fred Fairbrass

Like the Psychedlic Furs, born in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Spandau Ballet

Martin and Gary Kemp

Ended in acrimony


Ron and Russell Mael

Still grooving us after 40 years

The Beach Boys

Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson

Ended in acrimony

The Bee Gees

Maurice, Robin and Barry Gibb

Born on the Isle of Man, grew up in Brisbane, hit it big with Sat Fev

The Darkness

Dan and Justin Hawkins

Short lived crap rockers from Lowestoft

The Everley Brothers

Phil and Don Everley

Ended in acrimony

The Flaming Lips

Wayne and Mark Coyne

Mark was the original vocalist for their first EP but quit the band when he got married

The Isley Brothers

O'Kelly, Rudolph, Ronald, Marvin and Vernon

Ronald served a 37 month jail sentence for tax evasion and was released earlier this year

The Jacksons

Marlon, Jackie, Tito, Jermain and Michael Jackson

Little known soul quintet from Gary, Illinois

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Jim and William Reid

Ended in acrimony

The Kinks

Ray and Dave Davies

Ended in acrimony

The National

Aaron and Bryce Dessman

Two pairs of brothers in the same band. Again

The National

Bryan and Scott Devendorf

The Osmonds

Alan, Wayne, Merill, Jay, Donny, and Jimmy

Older brothers Virl and Tom were born deaf and never played with the band. Nor, actually, did Marie

The Proclaimers

Charlie and Craig Reid

Bespectacled identical twins from Leith with inpenetrable accents

The Scorpions

Rudolf and Michael Schenker

Will release their latest album this year, but then promise to retire. Michael only played with them for three years in the early 1970's

The Stooges

Scott and Ron Asheton

Iggy's greatest support band. Ron sadly died in 2009 after completing their comeback tour

The Undertones

John and Damian O'Neill

Formed That Petrol Emotion after Fergal Sharkey became too big for the band

Van Halen

Eddie and Alex Van Halen

Wolfgang (Wolfie) is Eddie's son and the current bassist in the line up


Sisters in Bands






Anne and Nancy Wilson

Actually started in the early 70's, but hit heyday in the mid to late 80's. Also contained brothers Mike and Roger Fisher at one point

Sister Sledge

Kim, Debbie, Joni and Kathy Sledge

Philly soul

The Andrews Sisters

LaVerne, Maxene and Patty Andrews

Close harmony singing group of the swing and boogie-woogie eras. World War II force's sweethearts

The Beverley Sisters

Joy, Teddie and Babs Beverley

From East London, Joy married Billy Wright, the first English footballer to win 100 caps

The Breeders

Kim and Kelley Deal

Kim split from the Pixies to be in a band with her sister

The Dixie Chicks

Martie Maguire and Emily Robison

Gained respect from Europeans when speaking out against George Bush and the Iraq War in 2003, subsequently hated by Americans

The Nolan Sisters

Maureen, Bernie, Coleen and Linda Nolan

I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin'....

The Pointer Sisters

June, Bonnie, Anita and Ruth Pointer

Best known for Jump and Automatic in 1984

Wilson Phillips

Carnie and Wendy Wilson

Daughters of Beach Boy Brian Wilson. The other one had something to do with the Mamas and the Papas


Married Couples in Bands





Arcade Fire

Win Butler and Regine Chassagne

Band also contains brothers Win and William Butler

Fleetwood Mac

John and Christine McVie


New Order

Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert

Gillian became the fourth member after Ian Curtis' death and New Order were born. Married in 1993

The Fall

Mark and Brix Smith

Divorced. New wife Elena Poulou is now in the band. Brothers Steve and Paul Hanley were also in the Fall, as was practically everybody else

The Handsome Family

Brett and Rennie Sparks


The White Stripes

Jack and Meg White

Divorced, although for a long time convinced people they were brother/sister. White is Meg's real name, not Jack's

Tom Tom Club

Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz

Also of Talking Heads


Not Actually Related (but sound like they are)





Duran Duran

John, Andy and Roger Taylor

3 Taylors in one band, none related. What are the chances of that!?


John Whitney, Jim King, Rob Townsend, Ric Grech and Roger Chapman

Prog rockers from Leicester active in late 60's and early 70's

Sons and Daughters

Adele Bethel, David Gow, Ailidh Lennon and Scott Paterson

Scottish indie-pop. Named after a disappointing Australian soap opera

The Doobie Brothers

Michael Hossack, Patrick Simmons, John Hartman and Tom Johnston

California rock band. Still going apparently

The Partridge Family

Keith, Danny, Shirley, Laurie, Tracy and Chris Partridge

Early 70's musical sitcom starring David Cassidy

The Ramones

Dee Dee, Johnny, Joey, Tommy, Marky, Richie, Elvis and CJ Ramone

Unrelated but looked similar. Clem Burke of Blondie was Elvis

The Righteous Brothers

Bill Medley and Bobby Hartfield

Named as such after a marine in the audience shouted 'that was righteous, brothers!' one night

The Sisters of Mercy

Andrew Eldritch, Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo

Not really sisters

The Thompson Twins

Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway

Actually had several line ups, but this was the most famous/meh. Named after Tin Tin characters

The Walker Brothers

Scott, John and Gary Walker

Unrelated, but apparently the name lent a 'show business touch'





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