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issue eleven: Family




Cover image Emma Talbot




Chapman Brothers, Emma Talbot, The Royal Family, Gillian Wearing, Orphan Artists, David Blandy, Creolisation, The Manson Family, Martin Creed, Baader Meinhof, The Carpenters, Siblings, Private Art Collections, Thundercrack!, Boyle Family, Louise Bourgeoise, The Kids Are All Right, Dermot O'Brien's studio, Doppelgangers, family bands and much more...

For its eleventh issue (winter / spring 2011) the critically engaging Garageland magazine examines Family.



Once upon a time, growing up was all about breaking free and gaining independence from the constraints of the family. But things have changed and the unspoken message now is that social mobility is divisive – it breaks down families by putting children in a different social class and geographical area to their parents. The government needs to encourage the support system that is the family group in order to shoulder the financial burden for the caring that the state can’t afford. So education and ‘get on your bike’ is out and localism is in. But above and beyond this there is a new feeling that being part of a family, albeit an unconventional one, is really important. All around us groups are forming and standing together, pooling resources and finding strength in numbers – from the militant art students (and their tutors) sitting in at the National Gallery, to the postcode gangs of East London – it’s all about a sense of purpose and belonging...

Our last word on family goes to Martin Creed who tells Rachel Potts in an exclusive Garageland interview that he thinks there are far too many artworks memorialising men. He has decided to readdress this in his monumental new work Mothers, which is in his words ‘bigger than anything I’ve done before’.

Cathy Lomax


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