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art, culture and ideas

issue one: Machismo


Garageland is a stylish arts and culture magazine
based in the East End of London and published by Transition Editions.




Conceived, written and illustrated by artists, each issue of Garageland has a distinct theme. Issue one examines Machismo and travels from Genet’s butch sailors to the sartorial elegance of skinhead girls to the kissy boy antics of Britpop’s Suede to Robert Mitchum’s psychotic preacher. Alongside this there is fiction, gallery profiles and previews and artist features.

Contributors to issue one include Rosemary Shirley, Charlie Porter, Alex Michon and Olly Beck

Garageland 1 was launched on Friday 13 January 2006 at Transition Gallery, along with the show of the same name, and was priced at £3.95






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