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art, culture and ideas

issue seven: Rock 'n' Roll

Rock 'n' Roll is the theme behind the seventh issue of the groundbreaking Garageland magazine. The issue features a specially designed cover by Peter Liversidge (the second in a new ongoing series of artist designed covers) The Rock 'n' Roll issue features a collection of interesting, informative and provocative articles including:
  • Jarvis Cocker talks art, music and St Martins college with Rachel Potts.
  • Thurston Moore from the US art band Sonic Youth interviewed by Olly Beck.
  • Bernard Rhodes legendary manager of The Clash in conversation with Alex Michon.
  • New fiction from Mikey Cuddihy and Gary O'Connor.
  • Fantastic: Cathy Lomax looks at rock 'n' roll, fandom and art from Jessica Voorsanger's David Cassidy obsession to Jeremy Deller's Manic Street Preachers projects.
  • Olly Beck on The Velvet Underground, Ben Newton on Captain Beefheart, Greg Cheverall on MIA, Norman Hogg on Kylie, I.Dunnop on Martin Stone and Steve Richards on Elvis.
  • Art and Music now and then by Fran Richardson and Rachel Potts.
  • A special pull-out section of artist Q&As edited by Emma Talbot
  • WhoWhatWhere features the top ten art bands, interviews with artists Rose Eken and Sue Tompkins, Russell Herron on being part of The Seventeen, Paul Murphy on record sleeve graphics, show previews and Michael Ajerman's studio.
  • Music now with Ipso Facto, dubstep, festivals and Kitty Daisy and Lewis.
  • A collectable artwork from Peter Liversidge + live band polaroids and record label logos.
  • Film club looks at Absolute Beginners and Slade In Flame.
  • + contributions from Sonia Boyce, Mark Gubb, Rachel Cattle, Jennifer Merrell and much much more.

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Cover by Peter Liversidge

Artist Space series flyer
Courtesy of Julia Gorto