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art, culture and ideas

issue six: Supernatural

The supernatural is the theme behind the sixth issue of the groundbreaking Garageland magazine. The issue will feature a specially designed cover by Zoe Mendelson (the first in a new ongoing series of artist designed covers)

The Supernatural issue features an eclectic collection of interesting, informative and provocative articles including an interview with veteran bad boy film director Ken Russell, Alex Michon on the voodoo roots of rock and roll, Marina Warner on an encounter with Saint Caterina de'Vigri, the best supernatural holiday destination, spooky children, spirit photography and information about a multitude of artists and their latest projects including Olivia Plender, Goshka Macuga, Susan MacWilliam, David Burrows, Guillermo Caivano and Troy Banarzi. The full text of Annabel Tilley's The Inexorable Rise of Drawing is available to read here

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Phantom 'priest' photographed in the church at Arundel, Sussex  
© Senate House Library, University of London/ Mary Evan