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art, culture and ideas

issue four: Painting & Translating


Cover image Chantal Joffe



Rose Wylie




Garageland is an arts and culture magazine based in the East End of London and published by Transition Editions.

Conceived, written and illustrated by artists, each issue of Garageland has a distinct theme. Issue four examines Painting and Translating and is guest edited by Emma Talbot. It travels from painting war to digital painting to studio secrets to Rosa Loy & Dexter Dalwood to Kirk Douglas as Van Gough to the new narrative painting. Alongside this there is film club, gallery profiles, show previews and reviews, and painting Notes.

Contributors include: Edwina Ashton, Olly Beck, Paul Becker, Andrew Bick, Isha Bohling, Andrew Bracey, Clive Brandon, Emily Cole, Dexter Dalwood, Peter Doig, Sarah Douglas, Lee Edwards, James Faure Walker, Andy Harper, Dan Hays, Nadia Hebson, Sigrid Holmwood, Chantal Joffe, Roger Kelly, Ursula Llewellyn, Cathy Lomax, Lee Maelzer, Alex Michon, Eleanor Moreton, Joanne Morra, Paul Murphy, Tom Ormond, Silke Otto-Knapp, James Payne, Claire Pestaille, Charlie Porter, Rachel Potts, Clunie Reid, Anita Taylor, Emma Talbot, Mimei Thompson, Stella Vine, Jo Wilmot & Vicky Wright.

Garageland is distributed by Central Books and is available to buy at all good art book outlets This issue was originally priced at £3.95




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