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23: Living British Cinema



Cover image: Cathy Lomax, Stolen Face                              


This special issue of Garageland is exciting evidence of just how vital British Cinema is! When we established Living British Cinema at Queen Mary University of London in 2010, we intended it to be an umbrella forum where people who were making, researching, studying, loving and inquiring about British cinema could come together and share ideas. From interviewing Gurinder Chadha on the 20th anniversary of Bhaji on the Beach, to premiering Fast Girls, and hosting a table reading of Eugene Doyen’s play about Dirk Bogarde, The Leading Man, Living British Cinema has always engaged with as many aspects of British film as possible through a broad range of producers, devotees, artists and scholars.

Diversity and inspiration are evident all across the pages of this rich and rousing issue. Contributors have chosen films that speak to them, for a variety of reasons, and been given the opportunity to engage with them here and now, in these very specific times. The characters and works which are found here demonstrate the breadth of appeal of British cinema, and also how many people are inspired by the traditional and the contemporary in their creative, industrial and scholarly work. This is the essence of Living British Cinema: it is alive, and we are living it. The forum, and this issue, picks up on characters and elements that are not usually brought together in one place. Hollywood stars, Blue Story, and Fenella Fielding, are not found in any other anthology. Carol Morley and Sarah Gavron, Tommy Steele and Talking Pictures TV – they are all here. Direct input from Joss Ackland and Ben Wheatley, passions and inspirations from students and scholars, and the perspectives of critics and artists, make this collection a unique and valuable celebration

Lucy Bolton
Guest Editor

Other issue highlights include short writings on Americans in London; Damian Griffiths' portfolio of photographs of Fenella Fielding's apartment; an interview with Rubika Shah, the director of the documentary White Riot; articles about two films that centre on women in the Eastend of London, Sparrows Can't Sing (1963)and Rocks (2019), by Pamela Hutchinson and Alice Pember respectively; and original artworks from Matthew Richardson, Rosemary Cronin, Katherine Tulloh, Harry Cartwright, Paul Housley, Cathy Lomax, Jennifer Campbell, Alex Michon, Rose Bradshaw, Stephen Harwood, Paul Murphy, Davina Quinlivan and more.



See the full list of contributors and contents here

Extra online content... Cathy Lomax, 'A Hollywood Star Euns Amok at Billy Smarts Circus'






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