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art, culture and ideas

issue XV: Collaboration

Cover artist: Jo Spence

Garageland is back with an all new design and a striking cover image from 80s art icon Jo Spence.

Garageland 15 is all about Collaboration, which is a big deal in the arts. As a survival strategy many artists pool resources, ideas and expertise to create projects that rely upon the input of the many. In this issue we look at groups, collectives, partnerships and other forms of collaborative practice, stretching from veteran art pranksters Bank, to current art pranksters Lucky PDF.

In line with the current 'tough times' climate much of out content has a political angle - it just seems right to re-focus on Jo Spence and her defiant feminism and to look at the beginnings on the YBAs through Tracey and Sarah's shop. But of course we still have a cornucopia of beautiful images from Gert and Uwe Tobias, Flora Whitely, Pil and Galia Kollectiv and lots of others.

The press release to the 2012 exhibition Joint Ventures (which features in our new Re-Visit section) quotes Vietnamese filmmaker and theorist Trinh T Minh-ha who suggests that collaboration: 'happens not when something common is shared between the collaborators, but when something that belongs to neither of them comes to pass between them.' This it seems is the triumph of collaboration – a mixing and remixing where ideas travel to and fro and what happens is not a predetermined outcome, but rather something new and unexpected.


Garageland 15: Contents

Online exclusive - The Double Act Collector by Alex Pearl

GL15 was launched 19.04.13 at Transition Gallery
alongside REGENT SEE: late night at Regent Studios
and the preview of Duplicity




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